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TIENS, Tienshi, in translation: "Heavenly (Sky) lion") is — the diversified transnational corporation, which united scientific researches, industry, trade, the real estate, formation, culture, service and transport. Owing to a unique combination of modern European technologies and knowledge of ancient Tibetan and Chinese medicine, which have been saved up for more than 5000 years, the corporation has developed and lets out the means not having analogues overwhelming cancer diseases, raising the immunity, slowing down processes of ageing reducing the maintenance lipids in an organism, improving work of intestines and other functions of human bodies.
"Tiens" makes improving devices, devices of health life, masseurs; cosmetics, perfumery; biologically active additives; goods of household purpose, a washing-up liquid; and other goods of daily demand.
Head office of Tiens corporation The corporation is formed in 1993. The main office is located in business center Henderson (HENDY) in Beijing. Industrial bases are located in Canada, Germany, Brazil, Southern Africa, China, France. Since 1996, corporation allocated 7,5 billion US dollars for introduction of new development. For last years corporation has deserved big recognition in international market, received 16 cups, 49 medals, 143 certificates, 167 honourable banners. The company have received an exclusive right on manufacturing of biocalcium (for which awarded with a gold medal) in international market, on use of results of researches on a number of key problems connected with health of human. Now the corporation enters to the most intensive development. The trade mark "Tiens" is already registered in more than 80 % countries of the world. Its representations work in the USA, Japan, Israel, Canada, Australia, Brazil, the republic of South Africa and many other countries. Head office of Tiens corporation
On November 2, 2002 "Tiens" corporation became the first-ever company, being a member of United Nations Center of Programs, and is recognized as the official supplier of the United Nations. Production has the international certificates of quality ISO-9001-2000, certificate of GNP (Green Peace), certificate Halal and the certificate of quality on system FDA (USA), which accepted in more than 90 countries of the world.
Recent lately years, the company has separated more than $ 100 000 000 on charitable purposes. These facility has gone for help inhabitant different regions, damaged from natural disasters, on educational purposes, to help invalids, on liquidation consequence natural disasters and for another great deal. Tiens Corporation actively participates in public activities. Since recent several years corporation finances the own humanitarian projects.
Motto of company: "Serving to society, carry health of mankind".
Purpose of activity: "Creation of the best life, dividing success of "Tiens